UK changes diets as we all look to save the planet!

Is this the new 'Fish and Chips'? We are changing the way we think about our food choices and we are seeing it on the supermarket shelves, here FOSH look at the latest trends of what we are buying in todays environmentally aware world. The Latest Trends: Seacuterie  Think Charcuterie but use seafood instead of red meat! Celery Juice  loved by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and said to cleanse the body whilst also helping weight loss sales of organic celery are up 30%! Grains  Shoppers are rejecting meats in favour of grains for their proteins. Sales of quinoa, bulgar wheat and chickpeas are up 30% Seaganism  A Vegan type diet containing sustainable seafoods such as Kelp, Algae and Samphire....

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Chris Evans talks to Emily Penn about Sky Ocean rescue

Chris Evans had guest Emily Penn on his morning show to talk about our oceans and the issues of plastic. Chris asked the 5 worst offenders and the very first off the bat was plastic bottles! Here is the list as she mentioned them off the top of her head: Plastic bottles Plastic Cups Plastic Bags Plastic Cuttley Straws Sandwich Packages   Plastic Bottles were first on her ‘bad list’ but are one of the first things we can start to change surely, for instance we simply do not need to use single use plastic water bottles! We can stop part of them, an amazing 7.7 Billion in the UK alone are used / thrown away each year, overnight by buying a reusable water...

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