Cod and Chips, do you want salt and vinegar on that Sir?

They have been around all my life, seems like they never change, the British tradition of Fish and Chips are built into our DNA, but hold on, I never made the link before but these businesses are fully reliant on the healthy seas for their livelihood yet they still push plastic bags out every night and, possibly even more irresponsibly, polystyrene trays and plastic forks…once you think about it you realise how crazy for the business this practice is.

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Lifes Complicated

Walking along a river bank the other day I noticed some repair work going on under the rail bridge, nothing new I thought but wow, the amount of effort they had gone too making sure we walkers could pass safely was remarkable! So here it is, on a rugged path where tree roots, holes about 1 foot wide and 6 inches deep abound, never quite worked out what animal they were from but whatever, then you have this structure made around the base of the bridge to 'allow us to pass'. Now this is a mighty structure, its got scaffolding at the heart which has protection fencing externally then scaffolding boards along the base floor, so far so good, then though,...

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Can a selfish attitude be the answer to a cleaner ocean?

I’m alright Jack!   We recently shared a fantastic beach cleaning charity over in the Isle of Man (see our facebook post) which over the last ten years has grown and grown to today in one session they filled 180 bags of rubbish of the beaches, unbelievable and terrible in equal measures.    It got me thinking, this is a world issue, we have heard stories of plastic being put into the ocean and literally travelling thousands of miles, its too big to face as a whole but hold on, here's the Isle of Man saying ‘lets just focus on our own beaches’. Effectively let us look after our own doorstep, thats not saying they don't want to clean everywhere it is just...

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