Let's get a water bottle with our name on it, should be easy enough? Well no actually!

Let's get a water bottle with our name on it, should be easy enough? Well no actually!
Ian Stalker
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If, like me, you skim through these blog posts here is the short version:

Cheap rubbish bottles are a waste of time, and quite possibly probably counter productive

Good reusable water bottles with your brand on will be sought after, everyone loves something for nothing and a good water bottle these days are getting a good response from the recipient.

When your effectively buying a gift for a client it really needs to be good, that said it also needs to be cost effective, FOSH have landed their latest bottle right in the sweet spot.

Still with me, good because this article could save you a lot of wasted effort:


Now, imagine I am out to buy a car for myself, obviously I want one that I am going to like, one that fits my needs of course, one that looks nice maybe, even one I think wow, that is a great car? So many things to consider. Maybe I am just looking at how well it can serve me? To be honest that is really all I should be interested in and the price of course but we all know that is not the whole story.


Now I mention this because when someone is gifted a new water bottle do they think about the bottle at all or is it just nice to get a freebie? Maybe not as much as the car but surely the same process is in there somewhere, will it fit my needs, do I like it and so on. Well truthfully I think we don't really process these thoughts but be assured they are there and some bottles will get used for many years and some will find a shelf somewhere to reside for the rest of time and we need to consider this as part of our promotional push, it matters. If we gift someone a product that is just not up to the standard of the recipient surely it is obvious? And let's not forget we are gifting these to potential decision makers of industry and here's us giving a cheap item and expecting them to actually use it? Are you mad or just financially challenged?

Corporate gift is the way we describe FOSH reusable water bottles with your brand applied on them nowerdays and it makes a lot of sense. Are we making giveaways? No, not at all, we are making mini statements that people will appreciate and use, moreover people will hear. What do I mean "hear"? Well in this world of noise the trick is to reach out to your customer, get them to hear you, create a working relationship that is valued. Of course we all value our suppliers, you marketing professionals all know about your peoples, but in reality we value some more than others of course and in todays AI madness sometimes reaching out to a customer telling them or showing them we value them is rare. Gen Z just don't do that now the way we used to although they live life through a lens, it's email, txt, try to talk to someone it's like your asking for an audience with royalty! 

Times they are a changing as they say, or times they have a changed more like, we still have the same basic needs though, look at a customer who feels valued and your looking at a customer more likely to stay where they are, if they deal with you but feel undervalued or worse the likelihood of losing them multiplies.

So what is the answer? Well corporate gifts work, we know that, they have been working for decades. The quality and value of the gift for us is the question here, get it right and your a star, get it wrong and you have wasted company coffers, it really is a balance and that is where FOSH have been there, done that for years.

At FOSH our bottles are all quality, by this I mean we have designed quality into them from the first stroke of our designers pencil. 304 stainless steel inside and out, thicker walls, all steel lids, pure silicone seals feature 'soft landing' technology, and of course highly durable coatings that both feel beautiful and wont scratch as soon as they are put down!

Let us be honest, we have probably gone a bit far on design, looks are important to us and I know they are not everything, that said water bottles are becoming fashion accessories so maybe we were ahead of our time!

Heh, it's only a water bottle is so off the mark, these are products you are going to put your company name on and will effectively represent the business for years ahead, when your founders set up your very own company ask yourself how they would have thought about anything you were going to put the company logo on and then you will be on the right lines, then I guess it's down to finding the right partner.

Corporate gifting is an art, let us give you the tools to do the job right, then you can shine and be a star no-one needs to know your secrets, there safe with us.


Get in touch, we have the latest range of Active 2.0 bottles available which mix price, quality and function we think perfectly!


We look forward to hearing from you.



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