Plastic Free Fruit and Veg Please

  In Westminster Hall on Monday (12th November) at 4.30pm there was a debate relating to plastic free packaging for fruit and vegetables in supermarkets, certainly a move in the right direction and we applaud this. When I was young my family had a greengrocers shop, we are talking about the 1970’s, I helped my father in his shop selling fruit and vegetables, often cutting cabbages in half for older people living on their own, we still have the old knife I used all those years ago I think I keep it for memory more than use now as it is getting on a bit, they were freshly bought in products and never packaged in plastic, our brown paper bags...

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The State of Single Use Plastic Bottles: Infographic

If anyone is qualified to talk about the state of our oceans it's Sir David Attenborough. He's dedicated his life to nature and inspired us all through his incredibly eye-opening documentaries including the award winning Blue Planet and Blue Planet II. 'We have to act. We have to act now to try and clear up some of the appalling damage we have made to the ocean...and that is going to require positive action.' Blue Planet II did an amazing job of raising awareness of the sheer amount of plastic pollution in our seas and oceans. With stats like these, 4 million tonnes of single use plastic ends up in our oceans each year, no wonder Sir David is urging us to...

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FOSH Cubes: Strawberry & Basil

Strawberry and basil are great for adding a refreshing twist to your water.   There are so many benefits to including basil in your diet. Did you know basil is full of antioxidants? It contains vitamin a, vitamin c and vitamin k. It's also rich in minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.  Some health benefits include: anti-inflamatory, reducing the pain associated with arthritis aids metabolism increased energy levels can reduce stress and depression prevents cognitive degeneration helps maintain healthy bones has anti-aging properties Combine all that with the power of strawberries (they help weight loss, prevent cancer, reduce high blood pressure, boost immunity and protect your eyes), who can possibly say no to adding a little strawberry and basil to your...

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