Make the impossible happen, one step at a time

Single use plastic is such a massive problem sometimes we can struggle to know where to start, well here's one guys opinion of big tasks, he wasn't put off, just got on with it. He asked me 'So, young man, can you build a house?' We were talking about the whole area of whats achievable and what was simply impossible way before the whole plastic problem appeared, I don't think he understood 'impossible' to be honest, just 'difficult'. Well I obviously answered 'No, I don't think I can' 'Well' he continued with a smile creeping onto his Wonderful face, 'you can dig a hole can't you?' 'Yes, of course I can' I replied. 'Well, thats the first job out of the...

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Plastic Bottles may now be the Biggest Plastic Menace for our Waterways

In our opinion the blatant lack of movement by the big multinationals is a disgrace and moreover those of us who feel it is acceptable to simply throw away your single use bottles onto the streets for someone else to clean up shame on you!   We ask the question is this the way forward or can we change our habits and change the future? In the report plastic bottles were top of the visible plastic waste in our waterways showing 14% of all seen plastics on the study (see base of article for source), the main sadness for us here is this is totally reversible, we are simply paying through the nose to choke our seas, it is complete madness!...

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Check out the 'Great British Spring Clean'

Yorkshire Dales and Glasgow's Plantation Park's have been taking part in the Great British Spring Clean that is organised by Keep Britain Tidy helping areas look and stay as clean and tidy as they possible can! The most important point for us here is that everyone who took part in this quest to reduce single use plastic waste clogging up everywhere were fully comitted and all really wanted to make a difference. This position we find ourselves in really should never have been the case but how great that so many people are saying they care!! Single use plastic needs to go! Well done to all involved!  

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