Let's try this for dry January...

Dry January    Everyone has one thing on their minds, weight loss and healthy eating!    WHY??   Change the one thing you do, which is probably snacking, with a drink of water or delicious juice!    Did you know drinking water or juice makes you feel fuller and can maybe stop you thinking about those snacks!    As one Digestive biscuit has 71 calories in it and we all know we don't just have one do we? Let's try drinking water instead:  Try it hot  Or  Try it cold  Or  With fruit  Or With juice Or  Even freeze some fruit in ice cubes   Using a reusable bottle with a straw lid will make it quick and easy to...

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In Mumbai 200,000 home cooked meals are delivered to office workers every day by Dabbawalas in 'Tiffins' and it's a system that works!

complex of course but the success rates are estimated at 99.9 percent of all lunches reaching the customer, its highly cost effective, last reports were said to cost the user £5.50 per month, thats the cost of one sandwich in single use plastic to boot in the high end UK establishments, and that is for a whole month! Other than this there is literally no waste, the tiffin is re used time and time again

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Pear of the dog!

The best hangover cure! What do you think? A study found juice of pears, sweet limes and coconut water is likely to help the body cleanse itself of alcohol faster than any other food or drink. A 'pear' of these should help your hangover Pear 65%  Sweet Lime 25% Coconut 10% Scientists have been analysing dozens of fruit, vegetables, pulses and dairy that carry 2 enzymes excellent at breaking down alcohol, these three are the best!!!!! Other foods like cheese, cucumber and tomato have the same effect!   Beware coffee may prolong the agony of a hangover, snap your coffee in your FOSH beaker to a pear, lime, coconut juice. The morning after the night before.   Keeping yourself hydrated...

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