Quality Water Bottles as a Corporate gift, 5 points to make you an expert!

Quality Water Bottles as a Corporate gift, 5 points to make you an expert!
Ian Stalker
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So you want to promote your business and your looking for a reusable water bottle, perhaps you are wondering if is it a good idea? Whatever you are looking to gift here are the 5 major considerations you need to look at: 

1. Does it have Universal appeal - We often look at things from our perspective, it makes sense this is what "we" think but it is important here to understand the target audience, will the majority appreciate what we are gifting. Offer a 55 year old male a joystick for the latest computer game and you get my meaning. So it is good to know someone in their twenties, thirties, forties or fifties will all appreciate a water bottle, water bottles have no age tag making them a universal fit for gifting.

2. How much does it Cost - A gift’s value isn’t just about how much it cost of course, it’s about the thought that went into it. That said in the gifting sector it really does make a difference. Too much and it may be seen in the wrong light, too little and it will be discarded as cheap, tricky balance. At FOSH we have it just right, obviously, it is high end quality at a truly affordable price. Buy cheap buy twice they say, buy FOSH and your half way home already, quality at this level is worth it.

3. Does it fit into the Gifting Etiquette - Good gifts vary from sector to sector, culture to culture and even area top area but a water bottle is again universal, all people of different backgrounds and in different areas will benefit from their own water bottle. Some sectors we find water bottles are really the "in thing" perhaps this is your industry?

4. Its all about Branding — water bottles shout a space for a logo, they almost feel bare without one, this design stage is the key to a great bottle. At FOSH we offer a free design facility where we can apply different logo's onto our bottles in varying formats allowing you to take a view of what works for your business. This is where the magic happens, feel free to shout or indeed whisper as you wish, the choice is yours.

5. What is the underlying Message we are sendingIt is really important with a gift to look at what you are really saying to a recipient. It speaks on so many levels, including cost, usability, requirement etc. A humble water bottle is saying all the right things, I am reasonable so I am not trying to buy your approval, I am sustainable showing you obviously we care about our environment. If the bottle is quality and looks tremendous again it is saying I care, this is not just a "freebie", this is a gift from us to you, we value you as a customer!

For us there are some big do's and don'ts in this market, firstly you absolutely MUST make it a good water bottle or else you are wasting your time. By this we mean make the water bottle a one you yourself would be pleased to receive, there are a lot of water bottles out there and let’s be honest, buying on price alone saves cost at the front end but then you need to give the receiver of your "gift" the rubbish you have just bought, honestly counter productive or what!  At FOSH we know this, our bottles are built quality throughout, extra thick 18/8 stainless, pure silicone activation seals, powder coated durability, drink on the go flip lids and so much more, a corporate gift is exactly what is say's on the tin, not a giveaway, this is something you want to be proud of and let it do it's job over years to come.

In our opinion gifts should never be too offbeat, they need to be used, daily preferably, to get the most out of them. Here a water bottle hits all the right notes being used daily, hourly even more and in full sight of the office, your soldier on guard in you clients office proudly bearing your name, wonderful.

Lastly, and really importantly, what does a gift say about you? We have looked at the overall message it sends but it will also paint your colours in the world too. People will take a view on the gift they receive, the thought behind it, it’s Eco Credentials will be plain for them to see and make opinion on. A good reusable water bottle is a strong gift, it eludes sustainability, class, self improvement, personal health, style the list goes on, it will get used for years ahead and the message does not stop on receipt, buy well buy once and reap the rewards for years to come, have you got yours yet? click here to start your journey



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