We open the lid on the best corporate gifts

We open the lid on the best corporate gifts
Ian Stalker
 -  2 min read
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So you are considering giving your treasured clients something to show them they are valued and lets be honest, why not?

Corporate gifts can be highly effective at sending messages to our client base however they can be difficult to judge correctly, let us look at some of the areas we need to consider.

1. Does the item match ours and indeed the clients business ethics?

2. Is the item going to be appreciated

3  Is the item in budget

4. Does the item have purpose

5. Is the gift personal

So as we can see a biro pen may well have our name emblazon all over it however it probably does not fit many of the above criteria if any apart from budget of course!

Reusable high quality water bottles on the other hand may indeed fit all of the above criteria, if they miss your ethics it is not the bottle at issue, it is you, but otherwise it has the making of the perfectly balanced corporate gift. 

Ethically it scores heavily as who can argue plastic bottled water is something of the future? Not many. The question of being appreciated is a really important one and often overlooked. The FOSH Vital 2.0 water bottle has been tailored to suit this market perfectly having all the right quality parts without being priced out of the market. Powder coated and manufactured from high grade 18/8 stainless steel this bottle looks and feels quality, something that is not lost on the recipient. Extra thick outer walls take the feel of the object up another level and of course the vacuum inner and triple wall construction seal the deal. It is important also how it is presented and a good quality non plastic gift box has this covered. 

Budget, oh the big one I hear you say, well at FOSH we have tailored out the extras so you can pay for just what you need. Our bottles are supplied with 3 levels of accessories allowing you literally to set your own budget, indeed you can take different specifications for varying degrees of client importance!

If purpose or meaning is your thing then a reusable water bottle from FOSH has you right on the button, it really is the perfect gift of 2022! 

Personal? All of our bottles are bespoke made for you, we can take any level of personalisation from a company logo right up to the clients name engraved on the bottle to make it really thought through so yes, absolutely.

So, when you are next in the market for a corporate gift maybe here at FOSH we have something that ticks all the boxes, as we like to say it "put your company name on the tip of your client's tongue"!

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