Are microplastics really in 80% of human blood?

Are microplastics really in 80% of human blood?
Ian Stalker
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French organisation "NGO Agir pour l’environment" found that over 78% of bottled waters analysed in France are contaminated with micro-plastics. This study comes on the back of perhaps an even more worrying study suggesting micro-plastics were found for the first time in human blood on 80% of the test sample. Could the two be linked?
Finding micro-plastics in bottled water is yet "another reason" not to buy it, on top of already compelling arguments like the threat of plastic build-up in our environment and the wild and unnecessary cost of buying bottled water. 
It gets even more cynical when you realise that many of the terms bottled water uses in its marketing are purely "marketing speak". Terms like "spring water" may actually be misleading, or so this article discussing the Poland Spring lawsuit suggests.
The truth behind bottled water is something a lot more commercial. PepsiCo are the number one brand in the US selling under the name Aquafina with sales that really do make the boardroom take notice. Globally the demand is frightening. The annual sales of bottled water in 2021 are estimated at over a staggering £241 Billion. Perhaps even more astonishingly - and in our eyes very sadly - the report showed over £72 billion of that amount can be attributed to people drinking bottled water at home where perfectly good tap water is or should be readily available.

It seems that saving money by using a reusable bottle and tap water is not incentive enough to change the habits of many in the world. Why could this be? Are there other factors at play like a lack of education or a misunderstanding of the problem? Maybe people are ignorant or wilfully blind to the problem?

Whatever the reason, you won't find us giving up with our message. You can follow us and vote with your feet by buying your own water bottle.
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