Top 5 Hacks you can adopt for Plastic Free July 2024

Top 5 Hacks you can adopt for Plastic Free July 2024
Ian Stalker
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Hacks, oh there is a thing, who doesn't just love a good hack?

Clever little wins? Perhaps, I say they are just common sense ways to life your life, however you call it we all love a good hack! 

So, without further ado let's get into it:

Buy a yoghurt machine - The UK yogurt market is estimated at a whopping £2,500,000,000 (£2.5 billion) which on average means we buy over 8 million pots every day! I know I absolutely love the stuff, so why not make your own? No more throw away plastic pots now we can reuse our own containers, sound good? If you start to look there is an absolute plethora of manufacturers out there looking for your business such as EasiYo, Hansells, Lakeland who by the way make a yoghurt and cheesemaker ... very posh, vonchef, homcom and so many more. If you are looking at bigger batches the instapot may well suit the bill perfectly with a whopping 5.7 litre* capacity albeit at a price. Go browse the idea, you will be amazed, there is a whole world of options!


Silicone "cling film" alternative covers - Game changers! Love these, Ikea do a simple set of low cost glass bowls with a range of silicone disk covers. They wash well in the dishwasher, last for ages and eliminate smells in the fridge without clingfilm, what's not to like! Plenty of options out there, go get stuck in!

No Straw Please - Simple little wins again, why not get used to saying "no straw please" when ordering a drink. They should be all eco friendly now but you just don't need them most of the time!

Buy a reusable bottle and cup - Feel great, hydrate and MAKE MONEY as you go, you would be mad not to! Buying your own reusable bottle or mug makes sense on so many levels! Fashion accessory, eco warrier badge of honour and slowly slowly making you money this is an absolute no brainer hack! Make you money, really? Well yes actually, every time you fill it at a water point and don't buy bottled water you just made the cost of the water, not massive but it mounts up, keep on using it and it won't take long before your in the profit, remember as inflation does it's thing to bottled water you are onto an absolute winner! Reusable coffee cups are not too shabby either, in lots of coffee shops they attract tasty discounts, get it bought!

Say no to disposable, say hello to reusables - Cotton buds or a simple soft cloth, old fashioned handkerchiefs or tissues, straws or reusable straws, fabric softener or dryer balls, ground coffee or pods there is lots to go at. Don't worry if you cannot do them all, just thinking along the right lines is enough, once you are on the road there will be no stopping you!


*different models may vary 

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