Are we overloading our infrastructure?

It is sadly becoming a common site although lockdown has certainly pushed things along at a pace but single use coffee cups are making a comeback!
Years ago I was travelling up the motorway only to pass a drive through coffee house, the order was in, I was excited, reusable mug in hand and cashier informed of my non single use status. You can just see my face when I was handed the FOSH mug over to see him pouring the coffee he had made in a 'not even' single use coffee cup into my reusable one!!! Well here we are again, Covid 19 has forced us 'on mass' to use these horrible things and the ecological consequence, much as the financial one, are yet to be suffered.
I get it, honestly we all understand but this article is all about awareness, use this time to understand your actions, do it wittingly but when we are through do the world a favour and get a reusable one (click here for a super range by FOSH)
“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.”– Duke Ellington
Well said Duke, so true. We can see the problem, if not before it is staring us in the face today so is now, or very soon as the pandemic loosens its grip, be the time for each and every one of us to 'do our best'?
Want to know more? Go to the official FOSH website at and see how reusable mugs can be super nice!

 FOSH Peony 'Vital' range