Where better than this!

I saw this online and sometimes I wonder if they photoshop these but unfortunately this appears to really be the situation, its unbelievable :(

Where better than this!
Ian Stalker
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The contrast between these two pictures makes a stark reminder as to the realities of 'single use plastics'


This morning I was walking our dog in a gorgeous part of Northumberland UK,  a beautiful Golden Doodle by the way see picture below, who loves this part of the river, and although todays weather was really nice the view we had was nothing short of fantastic. I often walk this way and to be honest I rarely see anything on the shores of the river,  sometimes people leave the odd plastic bag around but there less and less thank goodness, all in all its a good experience.

So why are we not getting single use plastic, its so distressing, people who are living there must have so much more understanding of the issues, we need to all take stock and look to ways we can address this in our own lives, we may not see it today, I know I walk the same walk and don’t see this monstrous site but that does not say its not there and we need to wake up to it.

Well it’s not all bad, in amongst all this doom and gloom there are some really positive things happening, for one your reading this article which by default means the message is getting through, we are surrounded by options in our life, we choose based on the understanding each of us have and by learning, for me I think were going to get this one pretty quickly and make our choices accordingly, and guess what, there going to save you money and make you feel great! Really.

 Look at the items on the beach, water bottles and drinks bottles together with a myriad of single use plastic beakers, they are all so much part of our lives we hardly notice them but hold on, once you see it and make the obvious decision to buy a reusable beaker (https://foshbottle.com/collections/social-beaker) or bottle (https://foshbottle.com/collections/vital) the step is really a quick and easy one. So save me money? Surely not as these things cost money don’t they? Well yes of course you need to invest but its the best investment I have seen for a long while! L

The financial benefits:

Re Useable Coffee Beaker from a decent supplier will cost approximately £18.00

Every time you use it you will save on average 25p, Pret at the time of going to press give a whopping 50p but there amazing (see https://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/consumer-affairs/coffee-shops-will-offer-50pc-discount-reusing-cup/)

So effectively its 72 coffees and lets be honest thats not a long time! Some of us could rattle them off in a couple of months but at worst its achievable, anyway you see where I am going.


To save yet more money, Starbucks are trialing a 5p charge in Britain to see if they can push us off single use cups, another win!


The FOSH beaker holds 16oz, funnily enough thats a Grande in Starbucks, others vary but there all similar, I always ask for a small and ALWAYS get a grande! Its magic, I am getting a Latte which would have cost £2.60 for £2.25, happy days and oh yes, another win!


So basic maths:

Typical cafe Latte in a single use cup Grande costs £2.65

Savings @ 5P extra charge, 25p discount and 35p for the fill up were looking at £0.65 per use!

FOSH Beaker (see https://foshbottle.com/collections/social-beaker) costs from £18.00

Thats under 17 times and your money is back! I AM IN


Bottled water is worse, you can pay anything around £1.00 per bottle! I know its really cold but not for long, the FOSH Vital range keeps it cold all day! Just for the record the highest price we have seen was in Geneva Airport, one bottle of 500ml still water was an eyewatering 5 Euros **! 


Again its basic maths:

Typical bottled water on the go let’s say £1.00

FOSH offer the insulated water bottle in a range of styles from £20.00 (there is a single walled version for £15.00)


So, thats a simple 20 times you buy bottled water and its paid for, simples as they say!

The water in our taps is so good now I really feel its better than bottled water, it is fresh, bottled water has sat in plastic for who knows how long and let us not forget were trying to stop using single use plastic, it is slam dunk winner.


So its not all bad news, were getting there and all the time companies like FOSH Ltd keep bringing out new designs and products were going to get our house in order in a big way, its our duty to look after the planet, together we can beat single use plastics, together we can beat the massive conglomerates who push plastic on us, its time.





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