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Let's try this for dry January...

Dry January    Everyone has one thing on their minds, weight loss and healthy eating!    WHY??   Change the one thing you do, which is probably snacking, with a drink of water or delicious juice!    Did you know drinking water or juice makes you feel fuller and can maybe stop you thinking about those snacks!    As one Digestive biscuit has 71 calories in it and we all know we don't just have one do we? Let's try drinking water instead:  Try it hot  Or  Try it cold  Or  With fruit  Or With juice Or  Even freeze some fruit in ice cubes   Using a reusable bottle with a straw lid will make it quick and easy to...

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  If you buy one coffee a day it could cost you around £1,095 every year!  If you buy two coffee's a day going to and from work it could cost you £2,190 every year!If you buy Social insulated beaker for around £20 that's it!!!! You can fill it up whenever you want a coffee from home as it will stay hot for much longer than an average commute!    

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