Plastics & Their Damage To Your Metabolism

Plastics & Their Damage To Your Metabolism
Ian Stalker
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Scientists at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) are exploring the possibility that chemicals in plastic could be leaching into water and interfering with our metabolism.

Micro-plastics are known to enter the food chain and make their way into the human body. Research has shown that they can literally alter the cell structure in the lungs and brain of mice. Other studies linking plastic chemicals to heart disease and high cholesterol are also emerging.

Interestingly, scientists are finding that in mice up to a third of the chemicals in these products seemed to change the proliferation of fat cells. Could this mean plastics have the capacity to change the way humans store body fat?

I really don't like single-use bottles and no more so than when they contain water. If you haven't already bought a reusable bottle, don't forget the dangers of living with the old-fashioned way:

'Plastics Leach More Toxins Into the Water Than Previously Known'

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