Europes plastic water bottle industry set to grow again.....Honestly how can we allow that?

As Europe's reusable water bottle market size is expected to reach USD 2.36 billion by 2028 expanding at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 4.1% from 2021 to 2028 you have to just look to the skies and weep….don’t you?
Ps. That's a crazy $6,465,753 every DAY!
Are we getting the message, do we really care at all? Is it all about the money, whatever the cost? I really despair at the figures, it is shameful we, that is all of us including me, simply are breezing through this worldly time oblivious to the real damage we are inflicting on our planet.
You know if it wasn’t for the stupidity of it I might understand, we are absolutely brain dead sometimes, call ourselves the greater species, we don’t understand the meaning of the words.
Buying single use plastic simply is balmy!
Stop and think for a moment, its costly, thats in money out of your pocket never mind the cost to the planet, its nasty, crinkly, momentarily useful, monumentally harmful and ridiculous!! 
Yet we love them?
Oh, off I go again ranting, it gets me to that point sometimes, here's the real position….sensibly put!
Buy a reusable water bottle and you will save money every time you fill it up, then the water will stay at the desired temperature (see our vital range) and won’t sweat (create a wet outside due to condensation). Then there is the refill question, never before has it been easier as everywhere will be only too happy to pop some water in your bottle for you totally free and normally with a comment on how nice your new FOSH bottle looks. I get ‘nice, where did you get it?’, 'cool bottle mate’ and other such niceties, makes my day sometimes to be honest!
So, humans, guardians of our empire, master and commanders of Planet Earth let’s start to be the special race we know is in there somewhere, let’s be great!
It’s not rocket science