Make Money - Buy a Water Bottle!

Make Money - Buy a Water Bottle!
Ian Stalker
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The world is certainly a strange place right now. We are seeing inflation running riot, British Sterling touching record lows, stock markets reacting negatively to political manoeuvres... Even the scent of our beloved dishwashing liquid Fairy has changed for the worse (in our opinion!) This is all without mention of the so-called "special military operation" in Ukraine. We face a very uncertain short-term and perhaps mid-term future. 

Common sense - and a bit of experience - tells us to tighten our belts and 'batten down the hatches'. In our day-to-day lives this can take many forms and some take real effort and commitment. Take your insurance policies for example. A swap to a cheaper deal may seem like the perfect change on the face of it, but may just land you with worse customer service if something were to go wrong. 

Other obvious economic switches seem to somehow evade public eyes. Bottled water is, put bluntly, ridiculously expensive. The lengths bottled water companies go to market their product as superior is unrivalled. Many of them claim their 'ultimate purity' by talking of 'ancient volcanic rock' and 'pollutant-free water'. For this 'superior' water we are expected to pay anything up to $5 per bottle! That's $580 per year based on the average consumption of bottled water in the UK - frightening.

Yet studies show tap water continues to be by far the best in terms of amount of microplastics, with bottled water on average containing 50% more! Tap water is also filtered - going through several filtration processes including filtering through sand to make the final product that comes out your tap. In 2019 the UK Government published statistics as to the clarity of tap water:

"During 2017 to 2019, public water supply compliance with the drinking water regulations was 99.95%"

We may take it for granted but we have access to extremely good water, on demand 24/7. So the question remains - why are so many single-use bottles of water bought? How much do you personally spend on bottled water per year? What are the main motivations for buying bottled water?

Maybe it is pure convenience. Thankfully hydration infrastructure is growing throughout the country, with more and more filtered public taps springing up. These will make it easier and more convenient than ever to carry with us a reusable bottle and fill up on-the-go. So if you haven't started yet, what are you waiting for? Reusable bottles are better for your health, better for the environment and even better for your pocket. In today's current political and economic backdrop, that's certainly a welcome thing!


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