Waste Not - Want Not

Live fast, die young attitudes only make sense when the future is not your problem and, not to put too fine a point on it, when you don't give a damn!
Plastic is a real problem, we all know it cannot possibly end well so why do we insist on using the stuff in such volumes?
Here’s a thought - let's go on holiday... Not right now I know but in the future. So here we go, let's pack. No wait a moment let's just go light, we can pick everything up on the way - clothes, toiletries, etc. - it is all available ‘on the hoof’. But hold on we don’t need two of everything do we? No problem, let's just drop it all as we're finished with it, there is a window in most cars isn’t there? Sounds like a plan.
That is obviously absolutely ridiculous. I know, but I am making a point, why would we be so wasteful? Moreover how could we be?
Surely we would use the collected possessions we had, maybe we would buy a few new bits for the trip but in essence we would re-use nearly everything.
So why when we are living our day to day lives do we not do the same? What makes us buy a bottle of water rather than taking our own water bottle with us? It would certainly make more sense, it would save the obvious waste, it would be cheaper and yet we simply don’t do it!
I know it is the same message that we have been preaching for years but it is not getting through. Did you know 7.7 billion plastic bottles are bought across the UK each year, resulting in substantial amounts of single-use plastic waste!
We need to be more conscious than ever of our use of disposable products as the planet is not equipped to handle the lifestyle we have become accustomed to. Instead, let us revisit the saying “waste not, want not” and make it our new mantra.
There is a place in Cornwall called Eden, it is a self enclosed miniature world, that said it really isn’t very large at all but nothing comes out, nothing in, it is self sufficient. Can you for a moment imaging throwing a plastic bottle out of the window at Eden? No, of course not but that is exactly the same as here on earth, just you don’’t see it, well maybe you are starting to now??
Come on Humans, lets start being the ‘intelligent’ creatures we are supposed to be! Let’s start thinking about the longer term view for a change, perhaps whilst not being so carefree we all may find our true meanings, for sure we are not here to destroy one of the most precious planets in the solar system?
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