If the carrot is not having the desired effect here comes the stick!

As the Nepalese government decide to ban the use of ‘single use plastics’ from January, well done them, and recently the Indian Railways banned all ‘single use plastics’ under 50 microns (typically water bottles are made between 0.01 and 0.02 microns, a micron being one millionth of a metre so there between 10 and 20 microns) which catches pretty much all single use plastic bottles.

 We don’t normally approve of bans, they are so heavy handed and can affect people who simply need to use said products but we have to applaud the stance taken by both Nepal and India regarding single use plastic. 

 So why are they doing this? Well the bottle itself or cup obviously are an issue but there is another lurking problem which is what happens to it after the stupidly short amount of time you use it, they are gradually worn down to smaller and smaller pieces eventually becoming micro-plastics. A major United Nations report recently warned the hazard of micro plastics and it makes stark reading.

 Plastic is the most prevalent type of marine debris found in our oceans but those that are less than five millimetres in length (or about the size of a small seed) called “micro-plastics” are far more difficult to simply pluck out of the ocean than a bottle or beaker.

 So why do we still use a plastic water bottles when you can buy so many amazing high end water bottles from all over today?  At www.foshbottle.com we are trying hard to offer options where you will ‘want’ to use it more than a plastic one.

It would be great to say FOSH were not needed in todays world but that would be wrong, we should be recycling everything but the reality is we are simply not (collection rates are, at the most generous estimates, approximately 56%, now thats only collection, not recycling so the actual recycling rate will be far lower than that) so nearly half at best will take a road we all need to fear.

How many can there possibly be? Well I read the other day if you took the pitch at Wembley, placed 500ml bottles side by side to completely cover the pitch and stacked them straight up like a skyscraper, then the amount of bottles we use in a year would create a building of plastic bottles 600 feet taller than the Shard! Come on people, what on earth are we thinking!!

So lets do something amazing today, lets stop buying bottled water and say no to the bottled water brigade or lets buy a reusable coffee beaker and go to Starbucks claiming our discount for doing so, today is the day, seize it.

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