Make the impossible happen, one step at a time

Single use plastic is such a massive problem sometimes we can struggle to know where to start, well here's one guys opinion of big tasks, he wasn't put off, just got on with it.

He asked me 'So, young man, can you build a house?' We were talking about the whole area of whats achievable and what was simply impossible way before the whole plastic problem appeared, I don't think he understood 'impossible' to be honest, just 'difficult'.

Well I obviously answered 'No, I don't think I can'

'Well' he continued with a smile creeping onto his Wonderful face, 'you can dig a hole can't you?'

'Yes, of course I can' I replied.

'Well, thats the first job out of the way, your doing it, whats next'

I totally got it, he was saying break it down and any massive task is a stream of small, normally more manageable tasks. Well lets see if we can use his magic in today's massive problem, single use plastic! 

I love yoghurt, always have but I guess but it’s made a real mess behind me with all those horrible plastic cups and all. I had never thought of making it myself but once I did it was so easy I was hooked and of course I used glass jars, no plastic in sight!

Why did I not see it before, I was buying the stuff every week and simply ignoring the fact that the packaging was simply disgusting! Who hasn't gone for an extra one and pushed 2 plastic containers together before simply popping them into the correct bin? It's nuts.

Making your own means you can use glass storage jars, kept in the fridge it does not need to be in 125ml plastic things! For goodness sake who is benefitting, not me, not our planet, maybe the company but I for one say NO THANKS! There are a range of companies offering yoghurt making machines, theres a whole industry here for us to say no to the plastic barons.

I mention yoghurt but it could be anything from home made bread to not buying ready meals, I know your time poor and cash rich but this is top trumping you I am afraid, this one is too big to ignore.

So, break down the big tasks, create little answers, no it won't save the world in itself but it will give you pleasure, stop waste, save money and maybe change your mindset onto the way corporate giants treat us.