Hot Water: Your Skin's New Best Friend

Hot Water: Your Skin's New Best Friend
Ian Stalker
 -  3 min read
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Drinking hot water isn’t a new thing. 


People have been drinking hot water, and reaping the benefits of it, for thousands of years. Pretty much ever since fire was invented (don’t quote us on that, we weren’t actually there 😉).


But why do people drink hot water? It’s kinda weird isn’t it.


Well, for one….their skin.


Everyone Wants Great Skin

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in your younger years and still fighting acne, whether you’re a little more along the path and battling with the dreaded crows-feet, or somewhere in between. We all want great skin.




It’s not about being vain, it’s not about wanting to draw attention to yourself, it’s about feeling comfy and confident. Clear, soft, beautiful skin helps gives us that extra boost of confidence in the morning and throughout the day. Who can blame you for wanting that? No one.


But where does hot water come into this?


Drinking hot water may help you get rid of those nasty toxins you’ve been putting into your body. Who me? Yes, you! That greasy cheeseburger you had last week? Wine o’clock last Friday? Even tea and coffee have toxins in them.


Reader’s Digest suggests that drinking ‘hot water raises the core body temperature, stimulating the sweating process, which is one of the way the body eliminates toxins’.


Now no one likes sweating but it’s certainly better than keeping those toxins inside. Why not have a mug of hot water before your morning shower or evening bath.




While we’re on the topic of showers, these are another great way to help clear your skin. The steam that rises from having a warm shower can help loosen the sebum in your pores.


Sebum, What On Earth Is That?

Sebum is an oily substance that helps your skin. Sounds kinda gross but it’s a really good thing. Without it your skin wouldn’t be water proof (imagine that for a second!) and you also would lose protection against bacterial and fungal infections.


But, on the other hand, too much sebum isn’t a good thing. When it builds up, it clogs your pores which creates a breeding ground for bacteria.


Sebum, when mixed with salt and bacteria, contributes to break outs. So getting a little steam across your skin to help loosen that sebum is important for getting and maintaining beautiful, clear skin.


Back To The Drinking…. 

We’ll be honest. Our team gave it a go and yeah we all thought it seemed a bit odd at first. Boiling the kettle, pouring it into a cup with a dash of cold water (don’t burn your tongue!), but then no tea bag, no coffee. It felt like something was missing.


It only took a cup or two to get over that though and quite a few of us now are total converts. Even to the point of asking for a cup of hot water at Starbucks! 🙊


Now you may not ever get quite to that level but we definitely encourage you to give hot water a go and see how your skin reacts.


If it’s not just the feeling of something unusual or something missing that weirds you out, but instead it’s the taste, add a squeeze of lemon or lime.


If you’ve got an event coming up, maybe you’re attending a wedding, got an important presentation at work or holiday time is approaching, try switching out your coffee/tea with hot water for a few days before. Your skin will thank you and you’ll feel so much more confident than you ever thought possible.


Are you ready to treat your skin and give hot water a go?

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