Hot days, chilled wine....FOSH has the answers to your problems!

Travelling through an area of South Africa which makes wine (franschhoek) we started to realise that on a hot day our insulated bottles were perfect for keeping white wine chilled! 
Being in a hot country has some real advantages but the heat can sometimes be a problem, take wine for example, it is a real art of manufacture and must be taken at the perfect temperature!
So white wine, now let us not start a debate on the perfect temperature for drinking white wine, we would be on all day, but instead let us look at personal preference.
No question we all have our moments where we become miniature wine sommeliers and even I can baulk at warm white wine (wine snob maybe but I just prefer it crispy cold?) so our fully insulated water bottles on a beautiful hot summers day could be the perfect answer, the size alone makes them bang on, it holds 530ml, a glass out of the bottle and the remainder slips in nicely, held cold for the moment you want it….happy days.
At FOSH we specialise in products that work, there are a lot of options in the market today but for us if you are going to buy a water bottle make it a one that you like and that does the job well!
We put so much technology into the modern water bottle you may be surprised, firstly we use only the best grade 304 stainless steel, not just stainless but also robust which is one of our ‘identifiers’, put simply we use more steel than just about anyone else! This is more difficult to manufacture but when you hold the bottle in your hand you can tell, not that you would immediately know why, but you can tell the bottle just feels right.
We use high end vacuum equipment to ensure there is literally ‘nothing’ inside the walls of the inner and outer bottle, it really is effectively ‘space’. The reason for this is that heat cannot travel through space, we use this theory to stop heat jumping from one face to the other inside the bottle, we get radiated heat of course, more of an issue from your hand or if the bottle is in the sun, but we have this covered also by using a copper layer inside to reflect the radiated heat back out keeping the liquid cooler for longer. If you take a moment to check your bottle you will note the outside of the bottle warms up on your hand, this is the heat of your hand staying away from its core, its not magic just science!
FOSH have worked hard in our development plan, take advantage of the features and enjoy your super chilled white wine on those scorching summer days and you can raise a glass to technology! (maybe a bit far)
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