Greece’s Paros Seeks to Become First Plastic-Free Mediterranean Island



You may hear yourself muttering the age old saying ‘people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’ which, to be fair was designed at people who did actually throw stones and was meant to be a criticism but today we see these people carefully putting the stones in a safe place and trying to look after their beautiful glass houses, well done Paros.


I have never been to Paros, it looks a typical greek island, probably when you get there it will be much like every other little Greek Island, warm, tranquil, beautiful, laid back…maybe one day I will find out but Paros has a beating heart and it is a one that is looking far into the future. Paros, like FOSH, are looking to eradicate 'single use plastics' from their home, we all need to listen to the message and learn from this forward thinking move.


The Greek Islands are pretty much locked by a small sea and a solid land mass and Paros is bang in the middle of them, okay not to the mile but looking at the map it is fairly central. Its also tiny, under 200 square kilometres with only about 6000 people living there so its not a world leader but boy oh boy it is getting its point out into the world. So how fantastic that this relatively small Island is showing the world how to take a stand on plastic pollution. We at FOSH have been pushing the issue by offering really practical and highly efficient options to plastic water bottles, we believe that people need to have 'better options' which we provide, I guess its just a case of time until we all see there is a better way? (see


Maybe it takes these small Islands who sometimes are better connected to nature than the big cities to remind us of our environment? 


Bravo Paros, I for one look forward to visiting you with my in hand of course and exploring your small but ultimately clean little Island paradise!


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