Could we be witnessing the end of our Emperor Penguins?

Climate wise we are in real trouble but when reports like this come out it makes us scream with horror, surely this cannot be happening under my watch!
We have probably all seen the documentaries on Emperor Penguins, notably the David Attenborough Dynasties documentary was truly amazing, the way the penguins pair for life, the care they give to the egg holding it as they do with such dedication it really does help us to understand the way life lives alongside us on this beautiful planet.
Well, sad as it may be our actions could be about to cause chaos to these creatures, recent studies note that temperatures in their natural habitat may rise as much as six (6) degrees by 2100 if no action is taken, leading to an 86 percent decline in emperor penguin numbers.
Sadly we may be witnessing them simply marching into oblivion and it is probably our fault!
Could this be the only place future generation will see the emperor penguins?
Even at conservative estimates of global warming a 1.5 degree rise we would see a 19 percent drop in population.
It really is time we took control of our actions, we welcome electric vehicles and look forward to yet more developments in power that is less destructive to our planet, we work hard as a company offering solutions to single use plastic by our range of reusable water bottles and beakers but we know this itself is not enough.
Join us in your attitude to stop doing the things we know are wrong, let our leaders give us the knowledge we need to live better lives, let us be the first generation to 'really awaken to the issues'.
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