Confessions of a water bottle addict

I cannot tell you how I know, but I just know that just having my water bottle around makes me, perhaps it doesn’t actually ‘make’ me but it seems to make me drink more!
Why? No idea!
I have never been the best at hydration in fact I was always pretty bad at it. We started FOSH on the premise that single use plastic water bottles were bad, we stick tho these early beliefs as they are but are reusable water bottles actually doing good? That was never on the agenda. So whats going on? 
When I have my bottle at hand it is becoming part of my life, we all love habits don’t we, heh the human race is full of the addictive stereotypes, phones, drugs, smoking, work, play we are like dogs who love routine but we take it oh so much further.

Is this what is causing my new addiction to my water bottle? Not sure but addicted I am certainly getting, and I am not alone. A great customer of FOSH  keeps telling me how much he loves water bottles, really? Yes, really, he buys them all the time!
Health and addiction don’t normally go together but on the water bottle front, assuming that's water in there guys, we say fill up and get sipping away, maybe this can be the new vape!!
Now, for all those of you thinking ‘oh, they are all so boring!’ Hold on, not so any more, we have really worked hard creating a range of stylish water bottles to fit the modest to the overtly flamboyant personalities, we are FOSH and we stand for things that matter, buy a single use plastic water bottle this week and see how awful it is, it makes a horrible crackly sound, it sweats on the outside, it gets luke warm in no time and it costs you money!
Tell you what, buy one of our bottles, it will last for years having our trademark extra thick outer walls and a vacuum inner takes care of sweating and heat loss, be proud to be totally addicted to reusable water bottles and wear your eco badge with pride.
Want to know more? See FOSH at  and choose the one that suits your look the best or wander up your high street where we have many outlets stocking our range, whichever way you choose you will be pleased you did!