Cod and Chips, do you want salt and vinegar on that Sir?

They have been around all my life, seems like they never change, the British tradition of Fish and Chips are built into our DNA, but hold on, I never made the link before but these businesses are fully reliant on the healthy seas for their livelihood yet they still push plastic bags out every night and, possibly even more irresponsibly, polystyrene trays and plastic forks…once you think about it you realise how crazy for the business this practice is.


Its just another moment in a world that is waking up to it’s own inadequacies, so what’s to be done?


Well, there is hope as one Fish and Chip Shop called ‘The Crispy Cod’ in Tonyrefail, Rhondda Cynon Taff plans to ban all plastic and polystyrene from the shop! We say Bravo!!


I love the way they went about it by approaching the local schools and involving them in the design of the new logo, a good idea involving them very early in the change. 


For far too long we have turned a blind eye to the way businesses package food products, we seem to accept it as ‘normal’ well I am afraid for me they  have to rethink and fast.

Recognise this burger, its pretty typical, for sure you would not refuse to accept it because of its packaging would you, well maybe we should, maybe its time we shamed the suppliers into changing?




Travelling home after a trade show recently we had been on the road for hours and fancied a small break, there’s a sign ahead I thought, wonder if it’s a Costa Coffee, I do like the Soy milk they use more than Starbucks which is a bit sweet for me, anyhow so it was, Costa Coffee here we come!


In we rolled, this was one of the few ‘drive through’ Costas on the M6 northbound, very posh.


We have all seen these order points around, pull the van up to a screen and chat with the guy on the inside.


‘How can I help you?’ came a voice over the tannoy


‘Small Soy Latte please, oh, and I have my own reusable mug thank you’ was my response.


Now theres a trick here which anyone who has our FOSH Social Beaker will know, ask for a small and they always fill it up so you get a medium for the price of a small, heh, small wins is what life is all about!


‘Okay, drive to the next window please’


‘Thank you’


Off I went and happily waited for him to appear at the window, FOSH in hand. Well this was taking time so I thought he must be busy, well he was but he was busy making my coffee but as he approached the window to take my mugs he had made the coffee in plastic ‘single use’ beakers and was about to pop it over into my FOSH Social Beaker, I was not pleased!


‘So, whats the deal here?’ I asked


‘Oh, Sorry I will put it in your cup for you’


‘No, your missing something here my man…..’


Well, after a few minutes righting his ways and much to his embarrassment he apologised and said he was pleased to see the older generation were caring for a planet that, lets be honest, he will be inhabiting long after I am gone (he was about 18 and I am the very youthful 56….oh well).


Come on Britain, we need to get on message, we really are just not seeing the wood for the trees here! 


So,, our small chippy down in the Rhondda is trailblazing the way forward and more power to his elbow! Get yourselves down, enjoy the best our country offers in a sustainable way and served with care, it’s not too much to ask, maybe demand.


If you live, as to be fair 99% of us do, in another area let’s point out to our local chippy that it’s time they too made the change and we can continue to enjoy one of my most favourite treats, the humble Cod and Chips and yes, I will have salt and vinegar with mine please and can you make that a large Cod!