Coca-Cola has been named the world’s largest polluter of plastics for the second year in a row but we ask are they saying all the right things but doing all the wrong ones?

Its no surprise that Coca-Cola has been awarded this unfortunate title and it certainly is time it cleaned up its act even though reading their website you would think they were massively focussed on the issue.

They should hang their heads in shame when you look at the facts, Coca Cola your messing ups your own back yard.

Recently the number one mainstream water brand in the US, owned by Coca Cola, unveiled its new sustainable packaging scheme but for us this is no more than a business protecting it's own interests.

Big water bottle companies want us to keep on buying their water, to a degree we have sympathy with their plight but put simply we are all stark raving mad to buy their bottled water when such perfect water is available free from cost or single use plastic bottles almost everywhere you look!

Unless you are a very wealthy individual, even then why throw money away, why would you spend your hard earned money on bottles and bottles of water when one classy FOSHbottle will give you free water ‘for years!’

The choice is yours, pay the money for a crinkly single use bottle and hope it gets recycled (currently Britain still fails to recycle almost all of its plastic waste ) or make the change, you only need to do it once and you will never look back!

Want to go further try the latest FOSH Coffee Beaker, let’s not get onto coffee cups but this is a whole subject on its own, suffice to say making the change will without doubt make a massive difference long term.

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