Can a simple water bottle make me live longer? A simple man's approach.

live a long life
Ian Stalker
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Over my years on this planet you notice things, and one thing that is screaming out to me currently is the importance of drinking water!

Oh, I know, ‘staying hydrated’ is the in way of saying it but I am old school, if we drink more water through our life I am starting to think I may live longer, or at least not die early due to something going wrong.

Your body works hard for its living, it needs to have fuel, it takes energy out of the fuel, discards the waste and literally ‘runs’. Remind you of your car?

Now cars need to have fuel, it takes energy out of the fuel, discards the waste and they literally ‘run’. We understand they need to be serviced regularly to get the most out of the parts, we change the oil at regular intervals to clean it, we even filter it constantly and discard these filters regularly....tell you something? Our bodies are very similar, maybe if we cleaned them regularly they would last longer?

Water may well turn out to be the perfect flushing medium, it contains no fats therefore can be taken in any quantities and it simply flows through your body, from your stomach and bladder the water literally flushes you through, in effect ensuring minimum build up of unwanted residues!

We know staying hydrated, a byproduct of drinking lots of water, is essential to a healthy life so when we look at it a simple reusable water bottle is your passport to sipping away all through the day and maybe a way to actually live longer!

Water bottles have come a long way recently, FOSH have their latest vital 2.0 range out and they double as designer accessories in todays market! Take a look here.

Buying a water bottle? Get a good one, let's forget tacky plastic, buy one you love, use it regularly and maybe you will be around that bit longer than you expected? I hope so.

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