Are we just missing the point?

Take a good look at this image, what do you see?  This plastic bag probably contained wood shavings, premium quality so it says on the outside, which are often mixed with compost or grass clippings to produce a mulch which is particularly effective for acid-loving plants. We can see these are essential materials but are they being supplied responsibly?
This single use plastic bag intentionally or unintentionally ended up well on it's way to the sea, we need to understand why!
We need new ways to get these items to market, these single use bags are highly likely to have come from a working farm where in windy conditions cannot easily be handled and on busy days some get away, one of which I dare to say you are looking at in the image. We know farmers care for the land, it is their living after all and in  their interest to do just that however if they of all people allow this to happen we really need to look at ways we can assist them to do their jobs easily without the risk of plastic pollution.
Biodegradable, compostable, reusable are just some of the ways we can look into this, maybe the way we delivery this product could well be changed into larger volume reusable bags? Put a value to them, incentives often work.
We do not want to point fingers, the opposite we want to highlight old fashioned ways that we now realise are catastrophic for our environment.
Closer to home look at your daily use of single use plastic water bottles, you can totally eradicate this form of plastic and have a beautiful water bottle at hand by simply clicking here.
Singe Use Plastic - It Is Not Too Late