Sports Lid - Active & Speed King Only

Sports Lid - Active & Speed King Only

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Open-top sports lid for Active & Speed King bottles. This lid does not come with a straw and is designed to be drank with the bottle tilted above the head.

Similar to your Active FOSH bottle we recommend keeping your lid away from appliances that may damage it like the freezer, dishwasher or microwave.


I have had my FOSH beaker and bottle for about a year now, so imagine all the saved waste! My beaker keeps coffee hot for hours, and my bottle keeps water cold for hours. I love how the bottle has a mouth wide enough for ice! I also love how they are very scratch resistant compared to other companies I have come across, big congrats to FOSH on perfecting their product!

Duncan S.

I have a FOSH bottle and a FOSH beaker, they save me money on coffee in various shops as they offer discounts for using your own cups, not only that I haven’t used a single non-recycleable coffee cup since getting them, when it comes to cutting down waste I feel I’m doing my small part. I can testify they keep my coffee hot throughout the day and that’s just fantastic, especially as we approach winter. Can’t recommend the products enough. 

Phil H.