Indigo Triple insulated Water Bottle
Indigo Triple insulated Water Bottle

Indigo Triple insulated Water Bottle

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Triple Layer Insulated Bottle

The ultimate, everyday re-hydration bottle.

Deep and rich our Indigo’s finish is a high gloss durable powder coat that seals our trademark thicker outer walls making this bottle more than a little bit special. Perhaps it’s the silky feel of the powder coat, maybe its just that colour were not sure but we are sure this one just works!

So you have the look you want but just to make doubly sure we have also thrown technology at her in spades! She has a copper interlayer to reflect the heat of your hand back away from the contents and of course she is equipped with a vacuum inner core. Fully equipped with our trademark thicker outer walls she is designed to thrive in the chaos of everyday life.

So no matter whether you're filling it with cool water for a stroll in the park, hot chocolate for a night under the stars, or simply keeping your coffee hot during your daily commute, this bottle is your perfect companion.

Your FOSH bottle is designed for the trials of everyday life and you can forget spills thanks to its airtight seal.


  • Keeps drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24
  • Durable powder coating
  • 550ml capacity
  • Wide mouth design for easy filling
  • Triple walled for ultimate insulation
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and BPA free
FOSH Bottle - Vital - Re-fill, re-chill


Bottle for life

FOSH Bottle - Vital - Stylish and durable
FOSH Bottle - Vital - Stays cool, keeps hot



FOSH Bottle - Vital - Sarah to update