Sports Lid: A revolutionary new way to sip

We're making a big fuss about the sports lid, but for good reason. We really believe in its ability to revolutionise the reusable 

The classic lid is well-named. It was the first lid we incorporated onto our bottle and undoubtedly has an evergreen style, looking and feeling beautiful to the touch. But something was missing. Something that at first we couldn't quite put our finger on. Then it dawned on us...

What about creating a lid that offered more convenience when on-the-go? What about a lid that catered more to the active lifestyle, whether that be at the gym, playing team sports, or simply travelling and commuting?

With our latest sports lid, we believe we have created a perfect balance between style and functionality. It matches the aesthetic of the classic lid, with its striking FOSH wave, whilst incorporating a fully-retractable drinking spout that opens up to a 30 degree angle and attaches to an inner straw, allowing quick and easy sipping whilst in a hurry or on the move.