Our environmental ethos

FOSH is more than just a reusable water bottle supplier. We care deeply about the world that we live in and that manifests in the ways we act as a company.

Examples of this can be found in the environmental opportunities we explored with regards to our product production and packaging. Our bottle powder-coating process utilises an electromagnetic field to attract paint to the surface more efficiently and reduce the amount of paint lost during the process.

In addition, we worked with our supply chain partners to cut out all single-use plastic from our packaging, reducing the amount of single-use plastic by 93kg to date (this figure is growing all the time). Instead our bottles are packaged in 100% recycled cardboard, with no plastic films or unnecessary extras that would make recycling them again difficult.

Away from our production and packaging processes, we donate £1 from every online bottle sale to charities experienced in removing plastic from our oceans. This ensures that you not only help the environmental effort when using FOSH products, but also when buying them.