Our design journey

During the design process for our Vital insulated bottle, we went on quite a journey. Although the design of a humble water bottle seems relatively uncomplicated on the surface, there are in fact many design considerations that kept us engaged throughout the process.
Here are a few details about the bottle and why they matter:
One thing you expect when you purchase a reusable steel water bottle is longevity. Not just practically but also aesthetically. So we asked the question "how can we create a durable bottle that is going to last?" We found the answer in an extra-thick, dent-resistant 0.5mm steel outer wall and a scratch-resistant powder coating. 
We wanted to give our customers greater choice. Our insulated Vital bottle comes with two lids - the classic and 'flip' sports lid. Choose the lid the best suits your needs and be prepared for whatever the day throws at you. Both lids incorporate our beautiful wave design.
An insulated vacuum-sealed wall keeps drinks at the right temperature. Drinks stay hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours.
A corrosion-free product is a hygienic product. Food-grade Type 304, 18/8 stainless steel construction contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel for higher corrosion resistance meaning you can rest assured the bottle will be both safe to drink from and long-lasting.
Designing the neck presented an interesting challenge. We needed a neck that was going to 'drink' well (allow the correct flow of water during drinking) but be large enough to accept standard ice cubes. With the current design it is possible to drop ice cubes straight into the bottle, whilst maintaining a perfect drinking 'feel'.
There can be two problems when pouring hot coffee or ice cold water into a container. The container can become either too hot, too cold or form beads of sweat on the exterior that render it uncomfortable to handle. With our bottle,