All orders are sent via the Royal Mail. We aim to have your FOSH bottle or beaker with you between 2 and 5 working days (Monday-Friday excluding bank holidays) depending on your location within the UK.
Please allow longer than this if you are ordering from the EU.
Using Your FOSH Bottle or Beaker
Looking after your FOSH bottle or beaker is really simple. Take care when pouring/drinking hot liquids, always clean after use and store with the cap either loosely fitted (allowing air to flow) or off completely.
We recommend that you keep your FOSH bottle or beaker away from appliances that may damage it including the microwave, freezer and dishwasher.
If using your FOSH bottle or beaker with carbonated drinks (champagne etc), don’t shake the bottle and take care when removing the lid as the pressure inside may cause the cap to spurt out. Do not use fizzy drinks with ANY of our drinking lids such as Flip or Speed King. FOSH Flip / Speed King ranges are not suitable for use on aeroplanes, if using them in this circumstance please ensure they are empty or keep upright as the pressure variation may cause liquid to penetrate the lid if left on its side during takeoff or landing stages.
Your FOSH bottle/beaker is BPA free and made from high grade food quality stainless steel allowing you to use it for drinks, smoothies and even soups.
We want you to love your FOSH bottle or beaker as much as we do but if for any reason you don’t (including if the colour isn't what you expected), you can return it in an unused condition for a full refund within 14 days of receiving it.
We recommend sending the FOSH bottle or beaker back via recorded delivery or with tracking, giving you peace of mind that we have received your return.
FOSH cancellation of orders?
No one wants to cancel an order, but it can happen, FOSH will try hard to help customers before the product leaves us, normally there is no charge for this assistance. The customer, once the product has left us, is responded for the return under our returns policy.
What is our warranty?
FOSH water bottles are made to exacting standards and should not let you down but for extra peace of mind we offer a full 2 year warranty against any manufacturers defects. Please see our terms and conditions for full information.

How do I store my FOSH bottle?
After washing your bottle turn the bottle upside down and allow to fully dry out. Once dry you can store the products in a dry area for as long as needed, we advise the top should not be fully placed back on the top of the bottle to allow an airflow but it can be placed loosely on the top for safekeeping.
Can I use carbonated drinks in my FOSH?
Yes, FOSH will hold carbonated drinks, be careful not to shake the FOSH bottle too much and always take care when opening the bottle. If you are using the bottle for carbonated drinks do not point the bottle at any person when opening and always take care to open the bottle safely.   
Will my FOSH bottle keep liquids fresh?
FOSH bottles are not designed to keep liquids in for extended periods of time.
Can I put my FOSH bottle into a dishwasher?
FOSH bottles are not dishwasher safe.
How do I wash my FOSH bottle or cup?
Simply wash in warm soapy water, rinse then dry. 

Will a FOSH bottle create condensation on the outside?
FOSH bottles will remain dry to the touch due to its excellent thermal cavity.
Can I freeze my FOSH bottle?
We do not recommend this. By putting the bottle in a freezer you may damage it.
Can I put my FOSH bottle in a fridge?
Yes, but putting a thermal bottle in the fridge will not cool the contents as it is insulated. For Cold water fill it with chilled water and ice it will stay cold for up to 24 hours.
Can I use a microwave for FOSH?
We advise not to put FOSH bottles into a microwave oven. They are stainless steel.
Can I take my FOSH on the plane?
Yes, however you must empty out the contents before you fly but it will be ready for you once you arrive to use.  
Do FOSH offer replacement caps?
FOSH offer replacement caps. You will find them on our website under accessories.
Do FOSH water bottles contain any glass?

Will my FOSH bottle rust?
FOSH bottles are made from a very high grade of stainless steel and will resist rusting.

What is my FOSH bottle made of?
The FOSH bottle has been manufactured in high grade food quality 18/8 stainless steel which is BPA free giving the user a healthier option to plastic. The grade 18/8 is a high end stainless steel offering one of the best material choices for this type of product and will not leave any aftertaste in the liquid used.

Are FOSH water bottles suited for alcohol?
Yes they are indeed they will keep a wine or beer perfectly cold in the same way they do water. One point after using the bottle for these products ensure a proper wash out after use, see our cleaning instructions for more information.
Can I track my delivery?
Yes your order is fully tracked to enable you to see where it is at anytime.

What happens if my delivery is wrong?
FOSH aim to handle any problems in the best possible way we can.