Artist collabs



Mul Draws

The very talented Mul Draws is renowned nationally for his bold, eye-catching art. Mul's iconic 'running heart' murals have already taken over Newcastle and continue to reach further afield.

An eco superhero

The Surfing Heart

Mul's first 'surfing heart' was created just for us and we like to think of him as a superhero, surfing across the ocean collecting plastic waste. Luckily he doesn't have to because we've already collected over 500kg of it - halfway to our goal of 1 tonne before September 2023!



A keystone of our ethos is doing right by the environment and our focus is on the Ocean. We've committed to various cleanup projects globally and have pledged to stop a tonne (literally) of non-recyclable plastic from reaching the ocean every year. In addition we'll stop an extra 250g for every #foshbottle that's sold.

Plastic Neutral Plus

We're proud to be Plastic Neutral Plus, verified by CleanHub. The mark shows a commitment to outweighing our plastic footprint (which is teeny tiny). That's not all. The plastic waste we collect is often non-recyclable but we've found it a home. It gets rediverted to industrial processes where it is used as energy, cutting the carbon emissions of these processes by 25%!

Exceptional Quality & Customer Service

We aren't just providing reusable solutions, we're providing the best reusable solutions you can find. Our aim is to provide solutions that people love and that speed up the widespread adoption of plastic-free living.