Together is the key to this ... we all act as one.

Smoking is on the decline because of Vapes, recent figures show 3.6 minion of us Brits now vape but does this suggest that if we give alternatives to plastic water bottles and coffee cups we will lap them up as well?
We all know smoking is bad for us but it is an addiction so things are not quite so simple. However what we probably didn't know was the cigarette butts are one of the most unseen of plastic pollution so as a side issue we are delighted that it is on the downward trend.
Obviously Vaping still has its issues, were not advocating it, but we know one is a big no no so its best of a bad job I think.
For us though its interesting that smokers, a stubborn group that are very stuck in their ways, are abandoning their drug in droves and we cannot help but think this is because they now have an option to the habit? People, that's you and me bye the way, are open to the whole idea of sustainable products I am sure, we all want to do our bit but it can be daunting in a world that thrusts single use plastic at you seemingly at every turn, obviously there are the selfish ones, you know who you are at the back, but we need to focus on the group and as a group we are fantastic!
If this idea is true then the more companies like bringing good options to market for single use plastic bottles and coffee cups maybe we will see a similar pickup in our appetite for everything sustainable and if we do then the World as we know it really has a chance.
Yes, its only a very small start but it is a start and one which can build into a monumental drive towards eradicating single use plastics from our world.
I was reading today about the total mismanagement of the late Thomas Cook Travel Agency #RIPThomascook and it reminds me that these companies are being ran by a short sighted lot of individuals with very little invested in the company personally, really the investment is from the company to them and rewards are all given to the board by the board so it's a pretty dark place up there indeed, we need to be aware that corporations are fully invested in making plastic waste, they are not easily going to stop unless the demand stops and then either they go out of business of they change their horrific habits.
Now to be fair Tomas Cook is just one company and we cannot suggest others are similar but you know I don't trust them with the job in hand, we need to offer alternatives and looking at the smokers they will move with us. 
We need to be equipped for the modern world, reusable bottle and beaker in hand, bag for life and an attitude to match, we can do this but we need to do it as a collective and with companies like FOSH around we have the tools at our disposal.