Recently I became allergic to 'filtration seafood' we ask is it possible these 'filter' molluscs are building up bacteria on microplastics they are filtering out of the seawater?

I am a very fit 57 year old who has eaten every type of sea food, and enjoyed it very much, all of my life until one day I had limpets, now to be fair I cannot ever remember having them before but I had no reason to question them. Well, it all went horribly wrong, I took an allergic reaction which started in my lips and then my face which quickly became swollen. Now I am a tough old soul so I toughed it out, to be honest my wife noticed it as I went quiet, not one of my traits :( So to bed was the remedy, trust me that was a mistake, and mid way through the night I felt awful, awaking to a shriek of horror from my wife who immediately called a doctor, when she said to me 'look in the mirror' I realised my whole face was unrecognisable. So, soon after the doctor arrived and his opening statement was 'Oh dear, my last patient died of this' which I felt needed work, I was having a reaction where my face was swelling and had my neck started to swell then it was possible I would choke to death, I was terrified. Simple remedy was antihistamines and off to the hospital and thankfully I recovered well.


I stayed off molluscs for a long while but one night I tried some moules mariniere, I know don't say it, and off I went to hospital yet again, never again.

So whats happening, I can eat crab, Cod, Haddock you name it but NO filtration types of seafood, well could this be the beginning of so called 'superbugs' micro plastics are harbouring?

Lets be honest I do not know but what I do know is I cannot touch the things now, and that is a major change for no apparent reason.

We simply do not realise how far this could go, if this is right then these things are going to cause me major issues and I am not normally susceptible, I suggest this is one area that unless we get to grips with things is only going to get worse.

 Single Use Plastics are simply a bad idea, buy a bottle and beaker from and start the change, it really does make a lot of sense.