#PlasticFreeTuesday could be our way in to a better way of life?

Plastic-Free Tuesday: One day a week no plastic consumption and no plastic waste.
On Plastic-Free Tuesday we don’t buy anything that is made of plastic or contains plastic. We also don’t use anything made of plastic that we have to throw away after using it. So no bananas wrapped in plastic, no plastic bags, no take-away coffee in plastic cups, and so on.
Plastic can cause harm in many ways. It clogs our oceans, injures and kills birds and marine mammals, causes air pollution when burnt, poisons our food when entering the food chain through fish and endangers our health when we enjoy food and our environment.
Disposable plastic products are a big chunk of our household waste stream. It cost a lot of money to manage and process the waste from our daily take away coffee (buy a coffee Beaker from http:www.foshbottle.com instead and reuse!) or the plastic bottles, again use FOSHbottle who have a superb range of bottles for all tastes. The world would be a much better place if we would focus on being considerate customers, we are not asking you to stop buying the day to day essentials simply not the fast becoming a major planet issue of plastics.
Alternatives to plastic are plenty. There are so many wonderful non-plastic materials out there: cotton, linen, glass, steel, wood, hemp fiber, and many more! Especially when re-used as we have mentioned companies like FOSH Ltd can give us ways to reuse and make a style statement also, these alternatives contribute to a healthy planet, healthy people, and healthy animals and a feeling of being part of our planet not simply taking from it.
The benefits of having a Plastic-Free Tuesday are countless and go beyond a healthy planet. Refusing to buy or discard plastic opens your eyes to stores, products, materials, and even people that you have never seen before.
What can YOU do?
* Try to live without plastic on Tuesdays. If you find this too intimidating, simply pick one or two plastic products to avoid. Start with Tuesdays and once you get used to this new habit, add other plastic-free alternatives.
* FOSH are offering a 5% on certain plastic free Tuesdays, check out their website for details on http:www.foshbottle.com
* Use the hashtag #PlasticFreeTuesday to share what you’re doing
The power is in our hands #PlasticFreeTuesday #makethechange