PepsiCo announce moving away from plastic but the message is out, you have missed the boat guys!

Bottled water is certainly still popular but we think its days are numbered as today we can simply fill up our water bottles free nearly everywhere we go but big business is still trying to persuade us bottled water is best! For who exactly, us or them? Lets say it clearly, we don't need you!

As PepsiCo rush to save their overpriced and in most cases unnecessary bottled water businesses we feel they have missed the boat, 'guys, were not needing your commercial madness any more nor the carbon footprint you leave in your wake'!

In most of Europe now water from the tap is so good I think it can be better than some bottled water, which we read aparently PepsiCo have openly admitted their water COMES FROM THE TAP, (see Paying for water is like charging up your car and then walking to work while paying somebody else for the privilege to do so, pure madness!

There are so many alternatives now on offer like our fully insulated bottles that keep the water cold or hot, try that in your crinkly plastic water bottle, we now offer sipping lids (see so drinking continuous small amounts is easier than ever and our range has more features and benefits than a typical 70's watch!!

So you massive conglomerates, get the message and dare we say it, think of your customers interests before your own. Maybe this is a concept they talk about but in reality is yet to be fully understood?