Pear of the dog!

Pear of the dog!
Ian Stalker
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The best hangover cure! What do you think?

A study found juice of pears, sweet limes and coconut water is likely to help the body cleanse itself of alcohol faster than any other food or drink.
A 'pear' of these should help your hangover
Pear 65% 
Sweet Lime 25%
Coconut 10%
Scientists have been analysing dozens of fruit, vegetables, pulses and dairy that carry 2 enzymes excellent at breaking down alcohol, these three are the best!!!!!
Other foods like cheese, cucumber and tomato have the same effect!  
Beware coffee may prolong the agony of a hangover, snap your coffee in your FOSH beaker to a pear, lime, coconut juice. The morning after the night before.  

Keeping yourself hydrated has always been known as a great way of stopping hangovers, our water bottles at FOSH have single use water bottles 'covered', come and see for yourself at



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