The real position regarding plastic pollution makes poor reading

We look at the reality of what constitutes 'plastic waste' and there some real surprises, we never felt cigarette butts would be over 5% of ALL waste, read this article and be clear to the issue

The real position regarding plastic pollution makes poor reading
Ian Stalker
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Top of our list of offenders is obviously food wrappers and containers being a monumental 31.14% of the survey! Sadly there really are very little in the way of recovery systems here so the only current method to avoid them is to buy in larger quantities therefore reducing the packaging per kilo or from a source that uses eco materials to bag the foods, maybe the old greengrocers had it right all along with paper bags for those of us old enough to remember them! Second on the list is sadly plastic bottles and container caps showing a horrible 15.50% of our survey, this is an industry issue, we can but hope they see sense (or go online for some glass bottles and buy larger volumes of course). Fast on the fall thankfully next with plastic bags showing a much reduced 11.18% and trends falling fast, we are certainly getting this one in hand. Straws still show far too highly at 8.13%, just refuse the darn things, we can get the message across but be careful not to be too vocal as sometimes they are paper, I had to apologize recently as I looked in disgust! Our personal hot topic is next with beverage bottles 7.27%, this one is easy to fix, buy a reusable bottle like the latest flip range of insulated bottles by FOSH see
all I can say is just pick one you like and #makethechange
Can you believe take out containers are a ridiculous 6.27% which when you think fish and chip shops offering plastic trays etc is simply unbelievable. Plastic lids themselves are 4.9% of the whole and the next one we were surprised at but cigarette butts are a totally unseen 4.9% and show me the smoker who knew that!
Hard plastic cups show 3.13% again showing heavily when so many options are available.
Plastic utensils 2.79% and plates 2.02%
We need to think of our personal care, items like exfoliators can include micro plastics which will run straight through the system into the rivers and seas.
The days of me being a smoker are long gone thankfully but I remember buying a lot of lighters and believe it or not they represent 0.84%, buy a decent lighter and refill it…please.
So now you can see the picture and knowledge is power, you can see first hand what’s happening, your educated so you have no excuses, please #makethechange and get putting this problem into remission. offer reusable water bottles and beakers both through retail outlets and online.

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