Is plastic now suffocating us from birth?

BPA's found in water bottles now are seen to be affecting babies breathing by reducing the size of their lungs and causing wheezing by ages of up to 10! This article makes stark reading but we need to know what is happening.

Is plastic now suffocating us from birth?
Ian Stalker
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Pregnant women exposed to higher levels of the commonly used chemical bisphenol A (BPA) are more likely to have children who suffer with wheezing and poorer lung function, according to research presented at the European Respiratory Society International Congress.

BPA's are found in single use water bottles and with new research pointing at the harmful effects we need to start thinking about the way our habits are affecting our lives.

Breathing is quite simply a 'dealbreaker', we cannot take it for granted, we cannot substitute it, were stuck with the facts and BPA's found in water bottles are now connected to reducing the sizes of lungs in newborns is simply terrifying. Its only a study and lungs are still working but it is a sign that were on the wrong path and we should listen.

Plastic is suffocating our world, it is streaming into our oceans killing our precious sealife today. Now, if this study is to be believed, it is affecting the human form at birth, when are we going to listen to this message, maybe we just don't want to hear it?

Can simple stainless steel water bottles make a difference?

Make a stance today, start the process of dropping plastic, it is hard to avoid it all together but we can make good changes.

See what FOSHbottle have on offer with our range of reusable water bottles and beakers saying no to bottled water, there BPA free and utterly beautiful, thats one start we can all do right now.

Another easy pick is plastic bags, simply don't use the things, use reusable ones, stop buying clingfilm it simply cannot be worth it. The list goes on but here is not the place, take a look at your own habits and make it personal! 

There are so many other ways we all need to take control, its not to late to make the change.


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