If I leave this far enough under the seat maybe it will go away?

Travelling home last night reminded me that there is still a long way for us to go sadly. This 'single use' coffee cup was quietly slid under the train seat and the owner simply thought it was okay to do that, well this is what happens, we end up picking parts of it up years later from a beach all around the world....if were lucky!


     This turns up below!

Pointing the finger of guilt is a sticky issue, is it the fault of the trains, not enough bins? Is it Costa offering these products or is it the person who just doesn't care? Honestly a case could;ld be made for all of them, for me the responsibility lies with the individual who should dispose of the thing responsibly but we all know they simply do not have enough recycling available and at best its going into a big hole in the ground, at worst its floating around for years in our seas and the wildlife just need to be careful as it will not digest as they assume!

Whats to be done, educate? Yes, of course but maybe we need to stop big business putting these out there.

Maybe we need to say 'NO', enough, you know people are not handling these plastics responsibly and yet society allows companies to pour them into the same hands, here is the result!

At FOSH we try to make products people will love, we try to make the 'throw away' object a 'valued possession'. Our reusable beakers are much more practical than these horrors

  • Keeps your drink hot
  • Keeps your drinks cold
  • Offers savings from major coffee shops every time you use it
  • Makes you feel great
  • Makes a statement to others of how to live well

Your the one with the controls, you have the options but until we make these single use plastics socially unacceptable were going to see this everywhere we go. We ask one last question, can we as a society really accept this behaviour? It is the thin end of a nasty wedge for us, the offence of littering carries penalties but the risk to us all are quite possibly far greater than we once thought.

Come and see our range at FOSH and make your own mind up.