ECO v FUNCTION - Social Re-Useable Coffee Beakers, we love them but why?

ECO v FUNCTION  What makes our Social Beaker feel so good?

FOSH Social Beaker in Ice Cream White
Ian Stalker
 -  2 min read
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I don’t know what I like about our Social Coffee Beaker the most, its ECO credentials or that at work my coffee is always hot? 


Okay, we all know that the single use coffee cups are bad, 7 million per day I remind you just in case it had slipped your mind and thats just in the UK, is plain balmy, it must not go on and should  never have been allowed to go this far but thats another story. They are certainly due for replacement and our Social Beaker might just be the ticket but it is so much more than that, to say our gorgeous Social Beaker is just being used because something else is bad well that feels strange. As I write this blog I have my coffee steadily and obediently keeping warm, awaiting my command of ‘yes, now I have time to sip’. For the record I did, it was hot and I am really appreciating it right now, life is full of things that need you to do something like ‘drink me quick or I will go cold!’, well the Social Coffee Cup lets you call the shots.

So, is it convenience that makes our Social Coffee Cup better, it allows me to keep moving and my coffee is at my command certainly and that is nothing short of a daily win, but the obvious ECO credentials are a lot to ignore and we have been for too long, I am not sure why but I love them! (another self righteous sip of hot coffee just for the record)

The FOSH range gives us some great options from crazy Grafitti to great Blaze Red, Ice Cream White (my choice today…sip) Caribbean Blue, Marble, Seal Grey or the gorgeous Pistachio as shown above. To see them all go to

The verdict is out, I guess there are many reasons why the FOSH Social Beaker is a worthwhile addition to your life, maybe its for totally different reasons than I outline today, who knows, what I do know is using them makes a lot of sense on many levels.

A word about FOSH, the truth is we are far too small to fight against these mega companies but every day, one by one and together we simply MUST make a change, if you don't like our versions buy any one you like but buy something and make that change today.



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