Can water be a better answer than the fast on its way 'slimming pill'?

Are slimming Pills the answer to obesity? We dont think so, its far more complicated than that.....

Can water be a better answer than the fast on its way 'slimming pill'?
Ian Stalker
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I love drinking water, to be honest I hated the stuff most of my life so thats quite a revelation but as life goes on you change, but what exactly has changed? Maybe I  can see the benefits where I couldn’t, or wouldn’t before? Maybe its because I took up cycling which demands you drink a lot, maybe its my age, at 56 I guess you look more at yourself a bit more deeply. Possibly its just times have changed, you know I don’t know but I still really enjoy drinking the stuff and the benefits it brings.


Water as part of my ‘intake’ of food and liquid has certainly changed, or my conscious awareness to it has, I really get the benefits as well as a really neat way to help me control my weight. Having a FOSH bottle by my side all day and night allows me to literally ‘snack’ on a couple of sips of water, what could be better I ask, absolutely no calories, helps me hydrate and it fills the same area in my stomach as a chocolate bar…a win-win!


Still with me coming late to the party it seems that I have some competition, I read today there is a development on a ‘slimming pill’ for want of better description, and it looks like it ticks all the boxes ….. it appears you can have your cake and eat it! Sounds too good to be true, read on. 


The Mail reported today that scientists have found by removing a single gene called RCANI stopped mice from gaining weight, this was the case EVEN WHEN THEY GORGED ON HIGH FAT FOOD! Pretty amazing, and yes, you guessed it they have developed a drug that there hopeful may work on humans.


OMG, how this both delights and terrifies me! On one hand obesity is a massive problem in current times, I blame lots of reasons none less than the products on supermarket shelves that are full of calories and fats, far more than I am happy to accept but then they taste great, look attractive and cost little so people are always going to be drawn. Then you think well, if we can simply stop obesity, by the way no one is saying that but you get my point, then that has to be a good thing, right? Well at what cost? We are all designed to have fats in our body, its natural, we are


designed to store fuel this way and if we use this ‘magic pill’ well what about nature and the way were supposed to work, are we so clever all of a sudden that we know better? Try telling the rabbits that after Australia introduced Myxomatosis back in 1950, or France or the UK, yeah, right. I really am not sure about the way its leading. Lets take a look at the thing were all trying so hard to avoid, or so it would appear, exercise, is the only benefit we get weight loss? No way, for a start it releases ‘feel good’ endorphins, a bit strange really but its true enough, I always feel great after a couple of hours in the gym, so there one your pill cannot give you for starters and the list goes on but you know this right! I believe we should live an active life but fully understand today simply doesn’t give us the time nor environment to do this properly, we wake up unnaturally by a loud alarm, we go on our daily life by transport rather than our feet (generalisation but mostly true), we sit at computers (……guilty as charged…..) working hard for our living thinking this is ‘good’, jump into the self same transportation device and straight onto the sofa after food in the centrally heated cave! Oh, alright I know thats not you, neither is it me but this is just another step towards being a vegetable and I for one say NO THANKS, give me my FOSH bottle, let me sip all day and stay relatively active please. I want to wake with the sun, sleep when I am tired, eat when I am hungry and live a free life, its not impossible, I hear of people in the outer Hebrides in Scotland who literally did just this, full respect.


Humans are terrible for temptation, please keep these drugs for the people who need them and not on the market as a slimming plan for a fiver! Something tells me that wont happen though, watch this space.


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