Attitudes toward plastics change more in a year than in living memory!

In 2019 nearly 61 per cent of adults in the UK say they shop with retailers they know are cutting back on plastic packaging. This really is amazing and shows in real terms that the message is not only getting out there, it's 'out'!

Businesses are adapting their own structures trying to root out the years of abuse, not knowingly most of the time although the likes of McDonalds, Pepsi and the like knew very well what they were doing but chose profit over planet and they should be disgusted in their actions.

It is not all bad, actually there are far more good companies than not, a bit like humans really it is the bad ones that would make anyone concerned and get all the publicity. We talk to companies all the time and the overriding message is 'help!' and how can they improve.

Single Use Plastic Waterbottles

We have always found crackly plastic water bottles not really attractive. Buy them cold and an hour later there warm and typically wet with condensation! Why are we doing that? Maybe we are falling victim to big business?

At FOSH we don't want to do it that way, were looking at a better way, one that turns nasty plastic into covetable beauty, one that turns throw away into re-use, one that turns spend into save, if your not sold by now better go buy a bottle of inflated water from the shop because your never going to get it. :(

So the 61 percent of us well done us, to the 39 percent of you who said you didn't why not, look up everyone it's happening! In 2020 lets see if we can yet again keep this momentum up, together, we have said so many times, is the only way we can beat this and together we are becoming!

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