As Burger King announce axing of plastic toys from kids meals in the UK we ask are we really getting to the real problem with these giants?

To little and way to late for me but we cannot deny it is a start. Look at what they are still doing, plastic cutlery in plastic bags, plastic salad trays, sachets of condiments, plastic cups, black plastics are more difficult to recycle and they love it on caps so as you can see there really is a lot to still get angry about.
These mammoth companies have run amok through the world we live, I ask myself ‘how could they ever let this happen?’ Well, sad to say but I don’t think they give a damn and I know it’s harsh but shame on them to think we would be smiling at them for this token, a token that only extends to our isles and why would that be? Maybe we are the ones complaining and it;’s just to ‘hush us up’, why else would it not be world wide, the issues certainly are! I get this lot, and I am afraid they speak with ‘plastic forked tongue’, it’s profit first and then, well then who knows but if it makes them money there in, nothing else seems to drive them.
I say this, it is your world, you only have one, you need to decide whether you can accept this behaviour? If your neighbour was throwing his waste over your fence and you had nowhere to get rid of it would you ask him to stop? Well look in the mirror as the fence there throwing it over is yours, we as a society need to wake up to this behaviour and stop it before it’s too late.
Simple measures you can take:
1 Buy a reusable water bottle and stop single use plastic see
2 Buy a reusable Coffee Beaker and stop single use plastic see
 3 Stop using plastic straws, you don’t need them! 
4 Buy a reusable ‘bag for life’, better still buy a few and never be caught out
Give up chewing gum, its made of synthetic rubber otherwise known as a form of plastic.
5 Use matches instead of reusable lighters, they are known to be 0.84% of all waste plastic!
6 Give up smoking! The butts you throw away are a whopping 4.9% of all plastic waste
7 Buy a razor with replaceable blade instead of the throw away type.
8 Buy in bigger quantities, it reduces the plastic ratio, not stopping it altogether but it helps.
9 Don’t buy plastic cutlery, use reusable ones even on a picnic or when your out and about.
10 Make your voice heard, tell that chip shop you don’t want plastic cartons, tell the greengrocer you want paper bags. Burgers are not bad if sold like this:
My biggest ‘must do’ is to spread the word, our voices are our biggest strength, when we are right people will agree, they will pass the message on, it is pyramid selling old principle at it's best and that was massively successful so let us band together and make it ‘socially unacceptable’ for these mammoth companies to give us this garbage or risk being the mammoths of the modern world.
We are with you every step of the way.