70,000 UK people quit Cigarettes for vaping this year alone!

Now we cannot condone vaping, for me the unknowns of it are a worry but it has to be better than smoking doesn't it?
Well for your health were not sure but for the environment were convinced as the cigarette butts we generally throw away without thought are a real plastic pollution issue we can do without so vaping, for us anyway, is a big hit!
How can we make a difference against single use plastic?
We have talked about single use plastic and the benefit of things like reusable water bottles (see https://foshbottle.com/collections) which are 'obvious' fixes but its the less obvious, the things we don't see as plastic, who really thought that throwing away a cigarette butt was similar to a chocolate wrapper? I certainly didn't!
So well done those 'ex smokers' as even though they may be blissfully unaware their helping the planet by their actions!
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