5 common items I never thought had plastic in them!

5 common items I never thought had plastic in them!
Ian Stalker
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We seem to have let plastic creep up on us over recent years, sometimes without even realising it was there.

Here are just 5 items that contain plastic you can be more aware of, there are many more but it starts you thinking where you can cut down on the plastic use in your life.

Aluminium drinks cans

Really I hear you ask? Well the plastic coating stops the drink corroding the can, they say a can of coke would last about three days without it ... who knew!

Nail polish and paint

Nail polish and paint have plastics in them. They are typically made of polymers plus loads of other chemicals used to keep the polymer liquid. Once you apply it the surface it dries to a hard finish of course. The problem is these plastics eventually come off the desired surface creating small paint flakes (small plastic flakes) which in the case of ships are a massive contributor to ocean microplastics. On your nails they are simply washed down the sink, where to? Your guessed it!


You cannot avoid this one, we are not suggesting you even try but according to research a typical bottle of SPF contains 10 - 100 trillion particles of microplastics. We look forward to new 'sustainable' options coming to market.


Ever wondered how the thermal paper worked? Well it contains Bisphenol A (BPA) or Bisphenol S (BPS) to create that printed effect you desire. Sadly these are chemicals which are endocrine disruptors, classified by the EU as toxic to humans and to the environment. The UK alone creates around 11.2 billion receipts each year, 9.9 million of them left unused! Please when asked take a receipt only if you need to.

Chewing gum

'Chewing Plastic' does not have the same ring to it does it? But in essence plastic it is, don't think for a moment it is in any way good for the planet. Any idea on how much we go through in the UK?? 100,000 tons of the stuff annually :(

So the moral I guess is to be more savvy with our purchases, of course we cannot avoid it all but there are times we can knowingly choose what we purchase keeping plastic to a minimum.

Some purchases are simply good for the amount of single use plastic we use, they can actually reverse the amount of plastic we need, I love my insulated steel FOSH water bottle, I use it every day and even get a smile every time I fill it and don't use another plastic product, it is the little things in life I guess!

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